Boys & Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley Team

Our greatest leadership strengths spring from our stability as a well-established organization that starts with an extremely stable upper and middle management team. The Chief Executive Officer came up through the ranks over 30 years ago; many other staff members have been employed for over 10 years.

We are also fortunate to have a visionary high-profile Board comprising community leaders who guide our direction and decisions. Our Board of Directors is comprised of business leaders, professionals, successful retirees and other volunteers. Our Board and staff reflect the diversity of the people and key interests of our community.

Administrative Staff

Quinton Egson
President & CEO 760-836-1160 ext. 107
Tony Williams
Director of Operations 760-836-1160 ext. 108
Bridget Kerr
Director of Special Events 760-836-1160 ext. 105
Jody Brazil
Director of Finance 760-836-1160 ext. 104
Susan Ogrodnick
Executive Assistant 760-836-1160 ext. 101
Rose Smith
Special Events Coordinator 760-836-1160 ext. 111

Board of Directors

Lee Osborne


Wally Grimm

Vice Chair & Treasurer

Judy Vossler


Douglas P. Miller

Past Chair

Anthony Bianco

Carlos Campos

David Cantwell

Anthony Caridi

Mike Carl

Dana Crosby

Rondi Edwards

Jose L. Fernandez, M.D

John Foster

Esther Gelineau

Kate Graham

Brian Harnik

James A. Jackson

Peter Kim

George Kirkjan

Darrell Mike

Glenn Miller

Mark Nickerson

David A. Peat

Greg Raumin

Tony Reagins

Margo Ritter

Mark D. Simon

Sue Steding

Michael Stutz

Reena Valdez

Sandy Taylor

Mike Way

Gil Ruttenberg

Tim Stupka